The newest Nigerian singing sensation Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade also known as Mr.Eazi or Detty boy who is currently based in Ghana was in the country a few weekends ago as he headlined  Westlands Privee club and restaurant’s  first anniversary.

This 25 year old who jetted into the country on a Saturday morning  gave Kenyans a massive show at the jam packed high end club as they danced and sang along to some of his biggest tunes including Leg over,Skintight and Dance for me featuring Eugy.

Mr.Eazi who intimated at a recent media tour that he was single was a true ladies man as he had the ladies turn up in large numbers at the club just to see him perform as well as take selfies with him.

The highly anticipated event was hosted by Kiss Fm’s Shaffie Weru ,while Dj Kace popularly referred as the African Mzungu entertained the revelers.

Others who performed at the event included Naiboi formerly known as Rapdamu,Gudi gudi hitmakers Everlast as well as Zambia’s Urban  hype who gave a surprise performance.

The event attracted an A list crowd with celebrities such as former beauty queen Juliet Achieng’,popular Kenyan musician Big Pin  and Teen Republik’s Martin Kimathi being among the many who attended the Saturday night gig.

The event was sponsored by the recently launched Trace Mziki,leading liquour brand Hennessey,Red Berry and OK Live promotions.

See some of the photos that I took at the event below.


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Two weeks ago I attended the highly anticipated 12th edition of Barbecue Live at the Ngong’ Racecourse waterfront. It was headlined by Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage and South African Dj and producer Heavy K.Capital Fm’s Amina Abdi hosted alongside Kiss Fm’s Shaffie Weru with the latter giving a sizzling performance together with the LaAfrique dancers. Popular Kenyan DJs such as Homeboyz radio’s G Money and Dj Joe Mfalme entertained before the main act.

The night started off badly for me and because of several inconveniences I missed almost half of the show and luckily by the time all was sorted out, I got in just in time for Tiwa’s performance which was truly the highlight of the night.

First, let me say that despite hitting a snag, this was my best event yet, I have been to many events for work, seen many artists perform but this one was phenomenal, it’s one of those performances that you cannot forget, you go on to tell your family and friends for years to come, the ones you blog about.

One after another Tiwa Savage backed by her band, belted out her tunes from Doro Bucci,Eminado,love me *3,If I start to talk,kele kele love,Keys to the city with the remix featuring Jamaica’s Busy Signal and Bad featuring Wiz Kid which is off her R.E.D album released in December last year among many more.

She gave a fiery performance alongside her three dancers, so energetic busting every move just like her dancers; it was like watching those Beyonce performances on YouTube up close. There’s no doubt that she worked hard to give a stellar performance as well as the fact that she a natural perfomer.Tiwa who is also a mother of one not only showed the crowd that she was talented, she touched the crowd with her zeal, her passion and the look in her eyes that said she was giving her all which made the crowd go wilder.

Tiwa was so amazing and the thousands of fans who had turned up to see her fell in love with her even more,she spoke of God and her believing in Him, how blessed she felt for all the love. She took the time to get off stage with bouncers in tow to go closer to the fans from one end to the other, had two fans come up on stage she cried with one and even twerked with other, did the mannequin challenge with Amina, Shaffie, her dancers and a fan and even tried to do a split.

Tiwa who was signed to Jay Z’s RocNation record label early this year paid homage to our very own Sauti Sol by singing their hit song Kuliko Jana which made the jam packed crowd go ecstatic as they sung along and waved her R.E.D album posters. When she was all done she waved the Kenyan flag high, bowed down with her dancers so gracefully as people cheered and chanted her name.

I must say, seeing her perform up close, dancing, singing along, taking photos and seeing all that unfold sright in front of my eyes was absolutely breath taking to say the least.

See photos below of the event.

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Kenyan rapping sensation Juma Ali populary known as Jay A is back with a hit jam titled Balaa that was released about 6 days ago.

The feel good song is much like his 2013 club banger Dumbala that got everyone jamming to it in clubs,parties and matatus as well.The song has Jay A rapping and singing to catchy lyrics that will soon have everyone singing word for word.

The song comes with a well choreographed  video complete with dancers,lots of colour and a simple yet fantastic background to top it off.

With over 12 songs released so far, he doesn’t stick to one style, from time to time, he switches it while still remaining true to his original flow.


His latest release Balaa is a few days old and already on heavy rotation on major radio & TV stations not forgetting YouTube where it has garnered over 60,000 views so far.

Produced by the super talented Ulopa and the amazing video directed by Kevin Bosco Jnr the song will definately enjoy airplay in the clubs as well.

Jay A came into the limelight with songs such as Clap Yo hands,On me featuring media personality Amina Abdi and take notes but he made his ultimate breakthrough with Dumbala with sage and later did the remix featuring Kenrazy,DNA,Madtraxx and Visita.

He has also worked with international Jamaican diva Tiana in Don’t stop,Nigerian songtress Seyi Shay on Coke studio Africa season 2,Rwandese singer Neneh on Only you and Mombasa based artist Dazlah on Iyo.

Watch the video below.


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1 (1) (1)

“Developing your blog is a balancing act between appeasing current readers and reaching out to new ones.” – Scribendi

Hello everyone!

It has been such a long while since I posted,I have been busy with work,school and generally living life,sometimes doing nothing at all but well am back!

While on my free time I like to read books as well  as other blogs to see what my fellow bloggers are up to,this evening as I was scrolling through Caroline Kibati’s personal fashion and style blog  I read something that really spoke to me as a blogger.

It is about demystifying most common blogging misconceptions,often at times you mention that you are a blogger and someone looks at you funny because they think that its all about the nice pictures,copy pasting content online,never having to work too hard as compared to having a 8-5 job,that everyone can be a blogger etc.

Well here is the truth of the matter.

1.Blogging is easy work – No,its not.It takes time to research for content,doing shoots in order to get the perfect images to use,its tiring,its time consuming to say the least.

2.Content everywhere – actually there’s no content everywhere,its not as easy as googling that assignment and copy pasting it for your lecturer it takes time to get creative with the ideas in your head in order to come up with meaningful content for your readers to enjoy.

3.It doesn’t require any skill set – wrong,it does require a skill set like any other profession your research skills should be top notch,should have an eye for content,communication skills,probably some decent photography skills if you cannot afford a professional,good writing skills and technological know how of the running of the site.

4.Blogging is not a real job – oh my God! this has to be the most annoying one of all,blogging is as real a job as any other.Bloggers might not wake up,beat the traffic and sit at an office till 5 but they work just as hard and they earn as much money if not twice as much,so yes IT’S A REAL JOB.

5.Blogging is an instant money maker – No its not,it takes awhile to get the niche of it,constant output of content,creating a readership base.This might take a few months or even years depending on the the content you blog about,who you are,networking and just how hard you work.So don’t just sit at home,do nothing,then wake up one day and say I am gonna be a blogger and expect to pay your bills the next week from your two posts and 10 likes on your blog.

Well,there you have my 5 most common blogging misconceptions.I sincerely hope that this piece will give you the much needed insight into blogging.So that you know it takes a lot to be a blogger.

“Blogging is hard because of the grind required to stay interesting and relevant.” – Sufia Tippu



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In February when I attended the fifth edition of the Cake art affair I met a young and talented artist,so full of ambition and she spoke passionately about what she does. Her name was Sylvia Mwihaki and I instantly took a liking to her.

She had displayed her best 3 pieces at a stand like many of her peers at the event but there was something about her creations that stood out.She was also right there to answer questions about her work and she was even down to take selfies with people.

5 (1)

Not only were these pieces masterpieces that were a wonderful sight to behold but also they told a told a story,one piece was about time and according to her one day she just thought of illustrating how time flies.There was an erotic piece that I absolutely loved because it was dark and seductive.

What surprised me even more as I continued to chat with her was that Sylvia was just a 20 year old who spoke like a 30 year old.She is a student at United states international university (USIU) pursuing a degree in Psychology.

4 (1)

Sylvia has dreams of starting her own art school,she hoped that she will start with one or two students and share with them her gift.However she was disappointed that the government and the Kenyan society at large did not take art seriously, no policies that safeguard the interests of many like her. Equipments used in the creation of these pieces that make us marvel are so damn expensive too.Also not many Kenyan folk would be willing to buy a 30,000 piece of art unlike our brothers and sisters in the west.

This budding artist said that she has spent over 20,000 for the necessary equipments like brushes,paint and canvas.She loves doing abstract pieces,abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.However she can also do portraits.

3 (1)

All the challenges not withstanding,Sylvia is ready for anything that will come her way,her relentless drive and burning passion will see her forge forward.Her parents who like many other parents are not 100% into what she does but they don’t discourage her either.

At the end of my talk with her,I was totally blown away,I was smiling and as an art lover or rather an artist in my own right (though I may not be as good as her,am pretty good with a pencil and sketch book than an average person) I thought I should tell her story in the hopes that someone will draw inspiration from what she does with so much zeal. The story of one 20 year old Kenyan university student who just may turn out to be one of the greatest artists like the likes of Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci and Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.

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Vanessa Mdee,otherwise known as Vee Money is definately one talented lady,last year she brought us Never ever which I absolutely digged despite critics saying that she had copied Ciara’s work on Dance like we’re making love.

This Tanzanian dynamite, is back at it again with her brand new single ‘Niroge‘ off of her upcoming debut album, Money Mondays.

Niroge, which is Swahili for compel me or bewitch me, is a coming-of-age song about a love so strong that one would assume she was under a spell.

The catchy tune was written by Vanessa Mdee and Barnaba (who also wrote Vanessa’s 2015 AFRIMA Award Afro Pop song of the year Hawajui) and Produced by Tanzania’s Award winning Producer Nahreel at The Industry – Tanzania.

This melodic Swahili tune will have you spellbound accompanied by visuals shot in Johannesburg, South Africa by Justin Campos.

Additional info courtesy of

Watch the new single below:

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Happy International women’s  day!

Today is a great day to celebrate all the women of the world, we should  of course celebrate  them on the daily but today is the day set aside just to do so. The young, old, tall, short, black, white, skinny, plump, EVERYONE!

We live in the age where we live for the gram, tweet all day, snapshot everything and hold in high esteem ‘socialites’ and others who really don’t work for anything in their lives.

On the other hand, there are working women juggling 2,3 jobs to make ends meet, living and getting  by the struggles of life, married for so long, been through its ups and downs.Young girls in school going through adolescence trying to figure themselves out. Women battling life threatening diseases like cervical cancer.Single mothers who work so hard to ensure their kids have everything they need. Women who do odd jobs that most people would shy away from. Women who inspire, empower other young girls . Women in leadership, with positivity and with purpose.

Women who have survived rape, addictions, female genital mutilation,injustices,battery and other tough situations . Women who have lost their children, husband, families . Women who have tried and tried till they succeed, those who have never give up, those  who have stood for truth, justice and believe in God. Women in  rural areas with no access to education, information, basic needs, health care .Women who have survived, conquered!


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